Why Every Kickboxer needs a Good Orthodontist?

The original Thai sport, Muay Thai, known more in the West as Kickboxing has attracted many people all over the world. It is an ancient art used as a form of combat skill for war participants hundreds of years ago which is why most Thai people know the sport.

When the martial art form came to the West in the 1970’s, it was injected with safety guidelines which included combat rules and the use of protective equipment. This allowed trainees to continue to get the physical training when performing the sport.

However, despite the protective gear kickboxing as a sport continues to be one of the most brutal sports in the world. Professional combatants continue to get injured ranging from facial, dental, joint, and in extreme cases bone damage.

Experts have tagged facial and dental injuries as the most common among kickboxing participants. More than seventy percent of combatants suffer fractures on the face with professional fighters more susceptible than amateurs.

Many of the injuries that pro fighters experience can cause a match to be cancelled or the injured fighter replaced which means they don’t get paid for that fight. In most cases, the fighters didn’t come prepared to fight which means they didn’t come in fighting shape.

After fights, Muay Thai fighters need to get attended to by a medical professional to take a look at their body’s post-fight condition. They inspect everything from head to foot so that they can check if a fighter needs first aid, stitches, or even surgery.

This is where a good orthodontist comes in. They are able to check for dental problems to recommend treatments for any misalignment on your teeth. A fully aligned set of teeth can really lower the risk of impact damage from a punch or kick on the face.

A similar device that orthodontists recommend are the mouth guards which are part of a fighters gear when they step onto the ring. Knowledgeable orthodontists will be able to recommend a quality mouth guard that can protect your teeth as best it can.

As a part of the dentist consultations is the recommended treatment plan if a fighter loses a tooth while fighting. Aside from giving you back a smile with a complete set of teeth, you also get the added benefit of support to your jaw line.

For more extreme facial injuries, a surgical treatment can be recommended. It corrects the damage caused by a punch or kick on the dento-facial region. This injury mainly happens on the jaw because it is the part of the face that most often gets hit during kickboxing.

An alignment surgery will place it back into position which means you won’t experience a bad bite when you open or close your mouth. This really helps get you back to eating properly and if advisable you can go back to training right away.

Fighters who have a dento-facial orthodontist on call will maintain their facial features as best as they can. It corrects all the facial injuries experienced when fighting which helps you with your health and overall confidence long after you stop fighting.

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